Thursday, June 29, 2006

Writer's Circles

Unless you’ve written a best-seller (and not too many of us have), writing can be a solitary business and sometimes a few kind words and a bit of company can help.

Aunt Agatha may be proud of you but she’s probably not a very objective person to ask for her comments on your masterpiece. The solution might lie in joining a writer’s group where you can meet fellow beings in the same dire straits as yourself and commiserate of an evening.

There’s almost bound to be one such group in your area and to help you find one, Diana Hayden has a website: which contains a whole wealth of additional information besides.

One of my favourite P.G. Wodehouse stories concerns the Wood Hills Literary Society. Naturally, being a Wodehouse story it also concerns golf, but The Clicking of Cuthbert might be worth reading if only to show you the sort of literary circle you might wish to avoid!


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