Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Royal Slight

The English and, to a lesser extent the Scots, Welsh and Irish, have a penchant for trashing their more notable and valuable institutions in a way that leaves the more patriotic nations of the world aghast.
A popular target is now the British Empire, which, in the manner of omelettes, was not made without breaking a few eggs. It was, by any global standards, a magnificent achievement and those nations, now independent from it, might reflect on just where they might be now had the Brits not arrived on their doorstep.
And in the true spirit of denigration, for which Britain would certainly retain the gold, the Channel Four television station, well known for its cerebral programming, saw fit to launch an attack on the heir presumptive to the British throne.
"The Meddling Prince" was the title but "The Meddling Channel" might have been more appropriate. The puerile and fatuous criticisms of an outspoken member of the Royal family must have given much offence, not only to that family, but also, I suspect, to many viewers who still have some patriotic spirit within them.
Like his father, Prince Charles is outspoken and opinionated, a virtue which shines like a beacon when one considers the pusillanimous chunterings of the government.
Here in France, we have a ranting and raving right wing loony, M. Le Pen. But he has made a statement that rings so true with the French. Of France, he says "Love it - or leave it." It's a pity that the disaffected in Britain don't take his advice (including the staff of Channel Four) although I would add a caveat - please don't come here! If you're dissatisfied at home, you'll probably be even worse off somewhere else.
I suspect that Channel Four have inadvertently given the Royal image a considerable boost with their poorly constructed and researched programme which was in execrable taste. Prince Charles has made a far more positive contribution to Britain and the British than have any of the Gang of Three who currently rule.
Anyone who could view the antics at the birthday party of one of those honoured by them with a title, I refer, of course, to that old poofter, Elton John, can see just how far down the slippery slope of standards the nation has fallen. Seeing him cavorting in a pseudo military uniform gave me a queasy feeling and I wondered by what yardstick honours were being dished out by the present government. By any standards of musicology, he is an indifferent and not especially talented performer. But to a star-struck Prime Minister, I suppose his popularity with the public ranks high.
To attack a member of the Royal Family, as did Channel Four, is not only disgraceful, it is cowardly. It's a pity the "Off with his Head Act" has been repealed.
During the abdication crisis in the thirties, the media agreed to a moratorium on news of the affair in order respect the Monarch's privacy.
How things have changed!

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