Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Doctor's Lunch

Perhaps nothing encapsulates the moronic thinking of the powers that are on the bridge of the good ship Great Britain these days than the edict by the Scottish NHS that doctors should avoid eating their lunch in front of Muslims during Ramadan. Most certainly it would not have been a Muslim who dreamed up such a piece of idiocy, probably a close relative of the Midlands council member who banned pig symbols on coffee mugs and scratch pads in their offices.
These ridiculous, almost laughable, attempts to pander to a minority do no favours to that group.
In Dubai once, I was being shown round a shopping mall (what else?) by a group of locals during the fast. Around lunchtime, I was feeling faint from lack of nourishment and said “ Hey, fellas, I really have to have something to eat.” Laughing, they joined me at my table and we continued our conversation while I stoked up a little.
Later that evening there was a banquet at their house – to which, regrettably, I was unable to do justice.
I hardly feel that a doctor on his rounds will be stopping at the end of a Muslim patient's bed to devour his Big Mac, nor will any Muslim doctors in the staff canteen object to their Christian counterparts behaving normally as is the custom in what is, after all, their nation.
The vast majority of Muslims are tolerant members of the society in which they live and would regard such “rules” of behaviour for those of different beliefs as ineffably stupid, which, of course, they are.
Taken to its logical conclusion, all bars, pubs and restaurants in Britain should close during the daylight hours of Ramadan – just in case a Muslim should be walking by.


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