Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Flying Squad

The two most thankless jobs in the United Kingdom must be those of Prime Minister and policeman.
In the case of the latter, their task has been made almost impossible by red tape and ridiculous constraints upon their actions.
The recent tragedy upon a motorway is now the subject of an “investigation,” not upon the actions of the miscreants, but upon the police who were attempting to apprehend them. No doubt these blameless officers will now have to waste a few days of their valuable time filling out forms and answering fatuous questions such as “why did you pursue a car that refused to stop when ordered?”
That a good many deaths have occurred as a result of high speed chases in recent years is an undoubted fact. But so has the need for such chases in a society that is allowed by the courts to thumb their nose at authority.
Had the police been successful in this case in apprehending the men, after they had spent the next few hours form filling, no doubt some bonkers magistrate would have released them back into society with a mild admonition not to do it again. Which, in all likelihood they would have done, having got away with it once.
Of course, the policemen in question could have sat supinely by and watched the car recede into the distance.
In which case, it would be as well to replace police cars with golf carts.


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