Friday, December 14, 2007

Princess Diana Inquest

Some weeks ago Parisians were intrigued at the sight of a coachloads of English visitors taking a tour of Paris which included the Alma Tunnel as one of its highlights.
They were, of course, the jurors from the incredibly expensive and valueless enquiry into the death of Princess Diana and her companion at the time.
Most of those of us who have driven in Paris have had a near death experience in the Alma Tunnel so the affair was puzzling to most French who are not unused to death and mayhem on their roads. Added to that was the fact that on the night of the accident the emergency services had performed well and the conclusions of the subsequent inquest had been accepted without question.
Except by a fantasist, wealthy, immigrant owner of a prestigious London store whose son happened to be one of the unfortunate victims.
His suggestion that the accident was an assassination contrived by the British Secret Service must rank as one of the most laughable accusations in history and should have been treated with the contempt it so richly deserved by the authorities.
Even the CIA, not always highly regarded for their smarts after they tried to kill Castro with an exploding cigar, would appreciate that a road accident is about the least reliable of all attempts to dispose of an unwanted person. The Russians are far better at it.
But as the pantomime evolves at the taxpayers expense, it is interesting to speculate that, had the Princess's companion been Joe Bloggs from a council estate somewhere in Heckmondwyke, would there have been the slightest chance of the matter being re-investigated?
No, I thought as much.


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