Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ta Ta Jaguar

The news that Tata, the giant Asian conglomerate, are buying Land Rover and Jaguar must come as something of a relief to their UK workers. At all events, it will ensure a competent management is in charge, unlike the fiasco that surrounded the Rover company.
But it can hardly be good news for the Jaguar Fan Club.
“I say, old boy, what sort of motor are you driving these days?”
“A what? Tata! Never heard of it.” And the poor Tata owner will be shunned at the club and treated like a leper.
And John Prescott will never be the same when he is referred to as 'Two Tata Prescott.'
The original Jaguar was made by the SS Company, whose initials stood for Swallow Sidecar. After the war, in view of the unfortunate connotation of SS, the name was changed to simply Jaguar. But they might just as well have kept the SS bit as it has come to stand for Sheer Snobbery with the later models.
In America, it was sold as a sort of poor man's Rolls Royce and I well recall seeing a group of my fellow passengers clustered round one in the parking lot of Detroit Metropolitan Airport.
It was a dark and dirty night. “But it won't start,” they cried.
Gently I explained that this was one of the loveable quirks of the marque and that the Jaguar company had scoured the length and breadth of the globe to find a maker of electrics that would refuse to operate in conditions of humidity.
Perhaps the best description of Jaguars was that they were cars designed for those who thought they had arrived – but really hadn't.
My apologies to all of you Jaguar owners out there.
Myself, I drive a Clio!


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