Thursday, July 13, 2006

Limbering Up for the Day

I was asked why do I bother with a daily blog? Answers such as, "Well, everybody does now" and "It's keeping a record of my life - like a diary" are hardly adequate nor even truthful. As, in theory, I'm obligated to turn out a few thousand words a day, a bit like a hamster on a literary treadwheel, it would seem an added and unneccessary chore.
But I look at it this way. We've all watched the athletes limbering up before performing, stretching, bending etc. so as not to do some damage during the actual performance, in soccer, for instance, where they have to practise falling over a lot and writhing in agony ( I must say it doesn't seem to be of much help to English cricketers though). Well, writing this blog as I do in the wee small hours of the morning accomplishes much of the same function. As I slurp my coffee and try and get my brain and fingers into gear, I get some practice before the main event, so to speak.
Inevitably my first stab misses the shift key and the first difficult word will get hopelessly mangled but, by the time I've finished the first few paragraphs, the mechanism will be functioning moderately efficiently. So, hoping that practice will finally make perfect, the day's work should flow with the minimum of egregious errors due to failing to select the correct digits for the keyboard.
I must confess, it doesn't always work that way - and now I find that today I have very little on the agenda from a writing standpoint.
So I guess I've been wasting my time here this morning! Well it's been fun anyway.


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