Monday, July 03, 2006

Stormy Weather

The week got off to a pretty shaky start, thanks to Meteo France who were predicting thunderstorms, lightning and all sorts of nasty weather.

Having been struck by lightning here last year, we closed down all the computer stuff, televisions etc. and waited. Of course, nothing happened. The sun shone with undiminished fervour and the mercury rose above 30 degrees.

At lunch time, we decided it was just a mare’s nest and so here I am, back on line.

If the British think they are obsessed with the weather, they should see the French. Of course, here we have the critical factor of what will the weather do to the grapes so I think we are justified in taking it seriously.

Perhaps it also has something to do with the TV presenters on television, who, with a couple of exceptions, are picked for looks and not necessarily their meteorological expertise. One is so good looking that a friend’s wife has forbidden him to watch!

So who cares if they get the forecast wrong.

Now, having lost the morning, I’m scrabbling to catch up. Summer is usually pretty slow in the ghosting department but this year has been a bit of an exception.

Now let’s see. Oh yes, they’re predicting thunderstorms again tomorrow. If at first you don’t succeed………

P’raps I’ll work through the night.


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