Monday, July 24, 2006

Spam Everlasting.

Being away from your desk (sorry – newspeak says it’s a “work station” now in conformity with modern practice of using two words where there is one perfectly serviceable one available) sometimes hardly seems worth it. Apart from the surface mail, mainly bills and advertising junk that rest on your keyboard (no, I don’t have an In tray), there’s all the junk that you know is residing in your in-box, lurking there to irritate you.

What happened to all those campaigns to stop this stuff beats me. If anything, the contagion is worse than ever.

Like most sensible people, I use Mozilla Thunderbird which has some of the best anti-spam controls going, plus a pop-up blocker etc. etc. but still the stuff comes. The danger is, of course, than in your fury to dump it, you may accidentally junk something of value, so, in spite of these safeguards, you are wise to actually look and see just what is being discarded.

Then I notice that amongst all this, there are quite a few E-Mails encouraging me to add to the problem, offering to mail out a zillion letters for me for a few dollars to “prospects.”

Seems to me that whoever was supposed to be monitoring the Internet to stop this sort of abuse has fallen asleep at the switch.

So now, after a few days off interviewing a client for a forthcoming book, I’ve wasted half a day clearing up the garbage.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow – when I’ve answered all those offers of drugs to make me a new man and a hero to women, of course!


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