Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life, Chez Blair

Yet another celebrity autobiography is coming your way. This time it's Cherie Blair who has thrown her literary knickers into the ring with her forthcoming “tell all” story of life chez Blair.
If she does indeed forego her husband's famed economy with the truth and “tell all,” it should make for far more compulsive reading than most in this genre.
No doubt she was motivated by a desire to poke a sharp stick in Alastair Campbell's eye but also by a need to generate some cash. With an out of work husband and a millstone like the fortress, mausoleum and money pit of Connaught Square around her neck, what's a girl to do?
Winston Churchill had made do with a much more modest residence in Hyde Park Gate, and without bullet proof glass, as well.
The problem with all celebrity biographies and autobiographies is that they are seldom strictly truthful. There is a need to uphold the public persona in most cases and few are prepared to be as honest as Lord Mountbatten.
When asked discreetly by his biographer, Philip Ziegler, what he should leave out, he replied, famously, “Put it all in. Warts and all.”
Somehow I doubt that Cherie's book will include too many warts, unless you include her wacky lifestyle guru and her failed conman boyfriend in that category.
Cherie's father played a peculiarly unattractive character in the TV series, “Till Death Do Us Part.”
Unfortunately, for many of us, Cherie Blair has seemed as peculiarly unattractive in real life.
Perhaps her book will put the record straight.


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