Monday, December 24, 2007

An Ignorant Historian

Mr. David Starkey is an expert on Tudor history. But to be a historian does not mean that one needs to be gratuitously rude, although, of course, gratuitous rudeness is his trademark.
His recent unprovoked attack on his Queen should garner him few friends since it was as foolish as it was unnecessary. But rather like a celebrity chef, he has a television series to promote.
His speciality, rudeness apart, is the Tudor period but, had he been living then, I very much doubt that he would have been quite so outspoken. The axe would have been waiting and it is a pity that the old traditions have been done away with.
Comparing anyone, let alone a monarch, to 'an uneducated "housewife" who has simply been left some wonderful possessions, and seemed more concerned with the late arrival of her gin and Dubonnet than the exhibits' (his comments on her at an exhibition) is certainly a demonstration of the educated Mr. Starkey's ignorance of basic good manners. But then, he has his television show to promote.
He also seems a little shaky on some aspects of history since, in trying, quite incredibly, to compare her with Joseph Goebbels, he attributes a quote to him that actually came from Hermann Goering.
And of course attacking someone whom he knows will not, in fact cannot, answer back is merely moral cowardice. You don't have to be brave to be a historian nor, apparently, have a smidgen of manners or respect.
He was born in 1945, the year that his ignorant housewife monarch-to-be was driving and maintaining an ambulance in wartime Britain.
Since then, his ignorant, gin swilling housewife has demonstrated more intelligence and certainly better manners than either Mr. Starkey or many of the members of her government.
The Queen, (you know, the ignorant, gin-swilling housewife) awarded him a CBE this year.
If I were her, I'd ask for it back!
So a Merry Christmas to all, with the possible exception of Mr. Starkey.


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