Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Fruits of Failure

It would be manifestly unfair to assess the seaworthiness of the Good Ship SS Great Britain through the distorting mirrors of the media.
But, good grief, if only ten per cent of the horror stories I read are true, it’s about time that the citizenry woke up and shook some commonsense into their so-called leaders.
There is something seriously amiss with a nation that can provide shelter, jobs and accommodation to foreigners, many illegal, at the expense of their taxpaying citizens.
Whose youth are skewered regularly in the streets within sight of a cctv camera but out of sight of a policeman.
Where, when called to deal with a homicidal gunman, the police are then criticised for firing too many shots. Presumably they should have waited until he had killed a few passers-by.
Where a man is thrown into a police cell for tossing an apple core but where a family, terrorised by an intruder, are told that there are no police available to deal with it.
Where executives of companies are awarded ‘performance bonuses’ as the fruits of failure.
Where drunken, drug taking ‘celebrities’ are idolised daily in the press and often given preferential treatment in the courts for their actions.
And, where Health and Safety regulations prevent, amongst a whole slew of perfectly normal activities that have been around for centuries, your rubbish is not being taken away because your dustbin is too full.
The list is endless.
How this can have happened, in just a few short years to what was, perhaps, the finest nation in the world, is debatable.
But a clue can be found in the string of obnoxious, self-serving auto-biographies now reigning down upon the public from former ministers and their associates, who are receiving ample rewards for their disloyalty.
There is, it would seem, little honour amongst thieves, now all so eager to distance themselves from the navigation department of the ship of state.
The people of Britain should take note of the chunks of ice falling onto their deck.
With a government, led by (incredibly in a democracy) an unelected Prime Minister, who are clearly incapable of even re-arranging the deck chairs, it’s every man and woman for himself.
Which is, I suppose, how a former Prime Minister can add yet another expensive property to his portfolio whilst his former citizens, whom he was supposed to be serving, see theirs being re-possessed.
It’s the fruits of failure once again.


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