Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Early Morning Start

Up at four this morning which gives me a chance to get on with the business of the day ahead of it, so to speak. Taking it by surprise I find makes it possible to goof off later on without getting those nasty pangs of conscience.

In fact, things are pretty quiet at the moment. I was able to get one editing/rewriting job away yesterday and the only thing I’m working on now is a James Bond type thriller that I’m editing for a client.

My book on the invasions of Britain is due back as a proof copy from the publisher later this week and then I’m cruising, quietly assembling material for another couple of books for later in the year. And, of course, waiting for new clients to keep some groceries in store.

Evening out the workload is something of a challenge in this business and there’s really no answer to it. Fortunately, it is one of the few professions where one can work practically anywhere, given the time, so even if you want to take an ocean cruise (I don’t) it should not interfere with the production line too much. Following the example of Winston Churchill, I sometimes forsake my office and work from bed. Using one of those hospital type over-the-bed tables and a laptop, I have a complete office set-up in some luxury and comfort.

It’s a tough job – but somebody’s got to do it!


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