Monday, October 01, 2007

The Law is an Ass

In my view, there is something seriously wrong with a society that can impose a swingeing fine on a schoolmaster with an unsullied reputation of thirty years, because a pupil bangs his head in the school playground.
It is a distressing accident undoubtedly but my sympathies with the parents are considerably diminished when I see that they are proposing to launch a civil suit against the headmaster.
If I were a schoolteacher in Britain today, I would walk off the job.
Accidents are a fact of life, regrettable enough, but the culture that someone must be to blame seems to be inherited, like so many other undesirable things, from the United States.
And the legal profession is as much at fault as anyone.
The old saying used to be that “Only fools go to law” but now with the gleam of gold to be seen and a judiciary that seems to be deprived of its senses, going to law can be a profitable business.
Now I see that the Tories are proposing that, in the unlikely event that they make it into government, schoolteachers will be protected from such abuse and, Heavens above, may be able to take their pupils on field trips without the shadow of prosecution from the Elfnsafety idiots hanging over their heads.
It should hardly be a political issue, more one of common sense, but this seems to be a quality seriously lacking in the law of the land.
It is, perhaps, a measure of the ethics of today's society that the bereaved parents of the boy who died in the school playground, still wish to pursue a vendetta, no doubt for cash, against a blameless headmaster.


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