Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Truth....and nothing but

In bygone years, governments felt that they had a moral obligation to tell the electorate the truth, promptly and accurately.
Otherwise Neville Chamberlain might well have decided that on September 3rd. 1939, the government were not yet ready to tell the people that they were at war. It might have produced a negative reaction from the media, so to speak, and so they could have hushed it up until after Christmas so as not to upset the shoppers.
How naïve were governments then! They just blundered on, telling the people the truth in their own fuddy duddy way, not even bothering to see if there was a handy spin doctor around or a dodgy mathematician to massage the news and the numbers.
Miss Smith, the Home Secretary, must feel embittered about having been caught out and pilloried over such a triviality as the fact that anyone can wander in and get a job in a government department whether they are legally entitled to work or not..
No doubt, an enquiry will be convened, this being something that the British government are really good at as it is an admirable modern substitute for action.
Surely a good start would have been to deport all those found to be working illegally forthwith? But no doubt, even if they have been relieved of their jobs, they will be in line for social benefits.
In the United States, I was always faintly resentful of being referred to as a “Resident Alien,” visualising myself as a little green man with antennae sprouting from my head, but I had an ID card, with a very unflattering picture of me (all pictures of me are, in my opinion, unflattering) along with my thumbprint and a Social Security number. This entitled me to work and was a simple means for an employer to ensure that I was indeed legal.
It seems the employer is responsible for ensuring the bona fides of an applicant so it is not surprising to find that, in many cases, it was the government who were the employer of these illegal immigrants.
Now I wonder, who will pay any fines that are levied?
Yes, you got it right first time.
You will.


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