Saturday, January 19, 2008

Law and Disorder

If there was ever one single incident to encapsulate the dire situation of law and order in Britain today, it must surely be the arrest of an old age pensioner for remonstrating with a bunch of teenagers for stoning ducks.
The majesty of the law was sent to arrest and incarcerate briefly an innocent citizen for performing an act that should have by rights been the responsibility of PC Plod. But PC Plod is Politically Correct nowadays and thus law and order are no longer within his purview.
Yobs have rights but not OAPs apparently and together with the mealy mouthed response by the police to the killing of innocent citizens, together with a judiciary anxious not to cause offence, it's no wonder the nation is spiralling into lawlessness.
The Gendarmes in France have long had a reputation for not bothering with the niceties of political protocol when it comes to dealing with hooliganism and Germany are to be admired for their stance in shipping a notorious repeat offender off to Siberia.
London is now one of the few cities in the world where I feel uneasy to be out on the streets at night and I see that by remonstrating with any thugs, I am the one likely to be prosecuted.
But I am sure that watching the CCTV video of myself being beaten up will be a great solace to my family as well as to myself as I view it from my hospital bed, should I be lucky enough to survive.
And I'm sure a Chief Constable somewhere will have some encouraging words to say on how they are 'addressing the problem.'


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