Friday, February 15, 2008

Immigration Unlimited

Having been an immigrant myself, many times over, I find the British attitude to their current problems quite extraordinary.
At no time did I expect my hosts to change their ways, religion or even eating habits to accommodate myself and my own way of life. Rather it was up to myself to be a gracious guest in their country.
And I must say it seemed to work pretty well, for my living and working in foreign fields was always enjoyable and instructional. Mind you, I had no inclination to blow any of their citizens up nor to avail myself of the benefits paid for by the tax paying natives, so I suppose they were quite pleased to see me. And I did my best to conform with the laws of the land.
I've no idea who coined that hackneyed phrase 'When in Rome etc.' but he did have a point.
But now the entire structure of British society is being changed, or rather being allowed to be changed, by this obsession with multi-culturism which does not, in fact, have anything to do with being multi-cultural but more accurately with political pandering.
Why a nation should be prepared to ignore the wishes of its peoples in preference to the demands of those who wash up on its shores from foreign lands is inexplicable – except, I suppose, to those in government who aim to gain by it.
It may be worth recalling that the last time there was an immigration of the sort now under way, it was the arrival of the Anglo-Saxon mercenaries and spelled the end of the civilisation of the Britons.
Now it seems many are following in their footsteps and fleeing across the Channel.
You can hardly blame them.


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