Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Tale of Two Glass Houses

“But Albert, do you really think it will be ready? We don't want it not to be our finest hour.”
“I'm sure it will be, my dear. It’s the culmination of an amazing project that began with one thought – to make connecting the world simple and pleasurable again. The result is a seamless and upgraded experience unlike any other in the world, and one that’s exclusively for our British people."
“But was it a good idea to have the place made of glass – and designed by a gardener?”
“ I assure you my dear, it will all work perfectly. Might I suggest your pink satin dress and the tiara with diamonds and feathers for the opening ceremony?”
And of course, it all worked perfectly on the opening day. As far as we know, not a single bag was lost.
But that was 150 years ago when the Great Exhibition, with a Crystal Palace designed by Joseph Paxton, a building rather larger than British Airways new Terminal 5, was the envy of the world.
It's a pity that BA and BAA could not avail themselves of the services of Prince Albert, Joseph Paxton and Henry Cole when they decided to build their new terminal.
I bet they'd have got it right first time.
They did at the Great Exhibition in 1861 – and they didn't even get a bonus!


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