Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bravo, Boris!

If the new mayor of London wanted a ringing endorsement of his ban on alcohol on London Transport, he certainly got one at the weekend.
The mindless display of blatantly anti-social behaviour and hooliganism exhibited by the morons who engaged in the pre-ban party just served to indicate how valid his argument was.
Those who participated must be proud that, thanks to YouTube, their display of British culture and good manners has been flashed around the world, a salutary reminder to prospective tourists that, for the nonce, they would do well to avoid the septic isle until sanity is restored and civilisation, lacking for some years now, has been re-instituted.
The alleged organiser of the affair says he is fearful for his job. If he worked for me, he would have nothing to fear since he would no longer have a job. Customers of his present employer, The Royal Bank of Scotland, must be comforted to know that their bank employs such sensible staff.
But it does serve to put Hogarth’s ‘Gin Lane’ into perspective.
That appears to have been quite a pleasant evening by comparison.


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