Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Persona Non Grata

To an outside observer, it is hard not to form the impression that the management of Great Britain PLC have lost their collective marbles.
In fact, for all I know, marbles may have been banned by the Health and Safety people as a hazardous sport.
But the failure to deport an acknowledged terrorist and, in default, house him at the expense of the British taxpayer to the tune of £500,000 per year, must be well up there in pantheon of governmental stupidities.
Having arrived some years ago on a forged passport, that alone should have been sufficient for him to have been returned from whence he came – no questions asked. Many nations, the United States for instance, ask that visitors hold a return ticket, a sane and sensible precaution, to save their taxpayers the expense.
No doubt the excuse will be that to deport this man, who happens to be a Muslim extremist, would somehow infringe an obscure EU regulation concerning his ‘legal rights’, the usual evasion for taking positive action.
But the other day, the French decided that one of their citizens, legally resident and properly documented for many years, was persona non grata by way of having been accused of war crimes in his state of origin.
Without fanfare, nor protest from any group, he was shipped back to face the music.
The British seem to be in thrall to anything that concerns those of the Muslim faith, the overwhelming majority of whom are, of course, good honest and valuable members of the community.
And this must surely be the only reason for awarding ridiculous amounts of damages to a young lady because she was rejected for a job at a hairdressing salon. Her feelings were hurt.
This should open the floodgates for anybody who has failed a job interview in the past and I am going through my letters of rejection at this moment.
Although I have never seen it, I understand that Sir Alan Sugar has occasionally been unkind to candidates on ‘The Apprentice.’ So he better watch out.
I suppose the only safe solution would be to hire everybody that applies.


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