Thursday, October 04, 2007

Human Rights.....and Wrongs

The recent burning of their school uniforms by some kids encapsulates a good deal of what would seem to be wrong with many British children today. No doubt they were exercising their “human rights” which are so liberally used as an excuse to defy authority when authority is merely exercising common sense.
Human rights were instituted to avoid, or attempt to avoid, unwarranted persecution, an unarguably fine idea. But the wearing of a school uniform can hardly be viewed, even by the British judiciary which often seems unbelievably obtuse, as persecution.
But the children can hardly be blamed. Rather as there are very few badly behaved dogs, there are a good many badly behaved owners and it's the same with kids.
If the parents of the incendiarists have any sense, they will give their offspring a hearty clip around the earhole (ensuring that there are no dog wardens watching who might report them), dock their pocket money until the clothes have been paid for and enter them for early admission to the French Foreign Legion.
But now the children rule. It seems many complain of the school meals being provided for them. When I was at school, we always complained bitterly about ours – the difference being that we were told to shut up and clean our plates. We were unaware in those unenlightened days that we had “rights.
Of course all this bad behaviour, kids and adult, stemming from human rights can be blamed on Brussels and the EU, but the Belgians, French and most other European nations don't seem to have the same problems.
Now it seems that television for the very young is viewed as being of poor quality. Gosh, have you ever seen it? What a surprise!
Of course, it's a wonderful device to remove the necessity for parents communicating with or reading to their children, just plonk them down in front of the telly, keeps them quiet for hours.
My solution would be to have no children's television and get back to their spending some time in the company of the family instead, but no doubt some toddler will complain that it violates their human rights.
Come to think of it, shutting off the television wouldn't be a bad idea for adults as well.


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