Saturday, February 16, 2008

Brussels Besieged

The British antipathy towards Brussels and the diktats of the EU (although they happily accept the bits that suit their political purpose) is not ill-founded. The British are, or perhaps were, a proudly independent nation but their latest broadside against Europe is, might I suggest, a low blow.
The bureaucrats of Brussels have, over the past few years, been Kinnocked and Mandelsoned, something which even George Bush's happy band of torturers would have considered a waterboard too far.
But now Britain is preparing to launch its ultimate weapon, the Patricia Hewitt nuclear holocaust on them.
It is fair to say that during her sojourn as a minister of Her Majesties government she did serve an invaluable role inasmuch as she made John Prescott look like a statesman by comparison.
Never forget that Belgium, which we should possibly add for the benefit of those at school, is where Brussels is located, was Britain's ally in two world wars.
Is this any way to treat a former ally?
And soon the halls of the EU will be ringing with that deathless phrase, heard so often in the past in Britain:
“Maintenant, si vous me laissiez juste finir.”


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