Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Dastardly French

Those of you who have ever watched the French Gendarmerie Nationale at work, taking care of business, will not be surprised to learn that France has one of the best records of anti-terrorist activities. There is a certain ‘joie de vivre’ and disregard for political correctness in their actions that warms the heart of any law-abiding citizen.
It will, therefore, be equally unsurprising that an outfit calling themselves Human Rights Watch are protesting at the somewhat Draconian tactics being employed so successfully.
They feel that terrorists and potential terrorists will become upset that the dastardly French bang up some of their number without so much as a ‘may we’ or a ‘by your leave’ from any bleeding heart groups. Even worse, they frequently ship these poor innocents, whose only crime is a desire to kill or maim their fellows, back from whence they came with barely a second thought.
It is, of course, a flagrant breach of their Human Rights which in other countries, no names mentioned, would entitle them to free accommodation, public assistance and free health care for them and their families plus headlines in the tabloid newspapers to advertise their mission.
The good news for the French is that, not only will they be completely unfazed by the pontifications of the Human Rights Watch group, but that any intelligent terrorist will hot foot it across the Channel to a more welcoming environment.
You can hardly blame him.


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